Le Concert de la Loge
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Cultural Olympiad

Still driven by the spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play that was the hallmark of its 18th-century ancestors, the Concert de la Loge will be renewing its Olympic epithet through a number of projects proposed as part of the Cultural Olympiad of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Three projects have been selected:

  • The Hip Baroque Choc: which will bring together vocational high school students and artists on stage for a major show inspired by the Olympic Games in May 2024.
  • Le Marathon du Concerto: a festive and convivial event with musicians who will show that they are also top-level athletes, on 17 September 2023.
  • The Battle Vivaldi: a concert choreographed by Mourad Merzouki and featuring four breakdancers.

The founding values of Le Concert de la Loge Olympique were those of fraternity, esteem for others and equality (the nobles played in the same clothes as everyone else), and they were therefore close to the fundamentals promoted by the Olympic Charter « mutual understanding, the spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play ».

It is with these shared values in mind that Le Concert de la Loge wishes to take part in the Cultural Olympiad around the Paris Olympic Games in 2024.
Le Concert de la Loge is involved in three projects selected by the Cultural Olympiad.

Between the hours spent practising their instruments, the late-night concerts and the days lost in transport, the life of a professional musician often resembles that of a top-level sportsman. For this year’s Cultural Olympiad, the Concert de la Loge is back in Olympic form – and with it the Olympic epithet – and proposes to test your stamina with a concerto marathon, a sporting genre if ever there was one, but always a friendly battle. The programme includes Vivaldi, of course, the heavyweight of the discipline, with his five hundred concertos!

Marathon du concerto

Launched in 2016, this educational project offers secondary school students the chance to take part in practical artistic workshops throughout the year and to take part in a creation combining baroque music, hip hop dance, declamation, percussion, choral singing and applied arts, with professional artists. For its 8th edition, the Hip Baroque Choc will be putting on a major show based around the Olympics, bringing together musicians from the Concert de la Loge, dancers from the Compagnie Käfig and 200 students from 12 secondary schools in the Paris region.

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Vivaldi’s Four Seasons are much more than four violin concertos. The pinnacle of programme music, the work is packed with descriptive elements that make it as lively as ever, even after repeated listening. Extending the universal scope of the work even further by giving it both a choreographic and dramaturgical dimension would therefore seem to be the obvious choice, integrating musicians and dancers in a single celebration of all the arts!