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Hip Baroque Choc
Meeting between young people and baroque music

Launched in 2016, the Hip Baroque Choc educational project offers young people in vocational secondary schools the chance to take part in practical artistic workshops throughout the year and to take part in a creation combining baroque music, hip hop dance, declamation, percussion, choral singing and applied arts, with professional artists.

For its eighth edition, the Hip Baroque Choc will present a show based on the Olympic Games, bringing together musicians from Le Concert de la Loge, dancers from the Käfig and Poisson/Buffle companies and students from 8 secondary schools from the Paris region..

Hip Baroque Choc brings together very different social and artistic worlds, encouraging young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to develop their potential and strengthen their ambitions. The project focuses primarily on vocational courses, without any artistic education.

For this edition 9 secondary schools in Île-de-France are involved :

  • The Gustave Eiffel High School in Varennes-sur-Seine
  • The Jean Moulin High School in Vincennes
  • The Louis Girard High School in Malakoff
  • The Anne Robert Jacques Turgot High School in Montmorency
  • The Auguste Blanqui High School in Saint-Ouen
  • The Adrienne Bolland High School in Poissy
  • The Ferdinand Buisson High School in Ermont
  • The Auguste Renoir High School in Paris
  • The Jacques Decour High School and Middle School in Paris 
For the first time, a junior edition will take place thanks to the participation of the younger students from The Jacques Decour School, one class of which will take part in the show. The project will also be open to pupils from special classes including foreign students and disabled students.

The Hip Baroque Choc is a true meeting point between very different social and artistic worlds, and promotes young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in order to reveal their capacity and strengthen their ambitions. The project is essentially focused on professional streams of education, where artistic education is rarer and school dropout is more important.

The Cultural Olympiad label will give all the young people taking part in the show in 2024 the opportunity to learn about the three Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect !

Olympics ! 

In 2022, 2023 and 2024, the Hip Baroque Choc will join the Cultural Olympics for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The Concert de la Loge is back with its historical “Olympic” adjective and motivated to highlight the Olympic values. 
The history of the Games, often accompanied by cultural competitions in their first decades of the 20th century, is honoured by exploring, through workshops and staging, the values of respect, solidarity and surpassing oneself, common to athletes, musicians and dancers.
The orchestra’s ambition is to launch the first “Hip Baroque Olympics” by bringing to a higher level the encounter between the students of the different high schools benefiting from the project, and between the different activities (baroque music, hip hop dance…) practiced in each class.

The show

A collective and participatory creation, the result of the meeting of professional artists and students, is presented to the public each season.
On this occasion, the greatest works of baroque music are danced, sung and reinterpreted in a show combining hip-hop dance, choral singing, writing, declamation and applied arts.
This year’s programme will feature pieces by Antonio Vivaldi, Jean-Philippe Rameau and André Campra, with a particular focus on the text of the Olimpiade by the famous librettist Metastasio.


Throughout the year, more than two hundred hours of workshops are offered to students. They are open to all students outside or within school time and are led by professional artists.
Dancing and creating a choreography at the pace of baroque music. 
In between lyrical chant and slam, an introduction to the voice.
Seizing words and acting skills for the stage.
Either the students’ professional tools or the baroque instruments, a beat for the dancers.
At the students’ initiative, visual creations will populate the stage.


The format of the micro-shock is short: 20 minutes in the middle of a traditional maths or French class and mini-concerts during breaks.
From class to class, the artists perform a few extracts from the show while inviting the students to react and take part in this impromptu performance.
In this way, links between professional artists and students are created and certain cultural and social resistances are overcome.


Past editions 

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