Le Concert de la Loge
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« The members of Le Concert respond with stylish, energetic, crisply articulated accompaniments and demonstrate their versatility in the central slow movements, supporting Chauvin’s expressive, shapely lines with a variety of textures, including soloists from the ensemble’s ranks in RV369, pizzicato strings and continuo in RV226 and 314 and continuo alone in RV225″

« Chauvin’s melody is pure loveliness, spiralling in breath and breadth of phrase.(…) « The clarity achieved by the orchestrais exceptional, and the abundance of punch and fizz, not to mention the heady momentum, makes for the most enjovable romp »

‘Altogether, this is glorious music-making. Hearty thanks to Chauvin and his musicians. French violinist Julien Chauvin and the period instrument ensemble Concert de la Loge, which he founded, explore the myriad subtleties and gestures of the music with infectious vitality. They enliven Vivaldi’s thrilling tonal landscape at every turn with intuitive and spontaneous responses to the music’s often mercurial character.’

« The playing throughout is full of energy. The Il Carbonelli Concerto, RV366, is particularly exciting. Chauvin’s tempo is enthusiastically fuelled by those aroud him. »