Le Concert de la Loge
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Handi Baroque Choc

Following on from its various projects in connection with the Cultural Olympiad, carried out in partnership with sporting institutions such as the PUC, the Concert de la Loge wanted to get involved in a new area dedicated to people with disabilities, taking its lead from all the efforts made in the field of sport to improve accessibility and media coverage.

Three different projects will be implemented in 2024 as part of an inclusive approach aimed at people with visible or invisible disabilities.

The desire to share music in a specific and adapted creative approach will be at the heart of these different projects aimed at different audiences: secondary school pupils, young professionals with mental health problems and disabled musicians.

Three projects for people with disabilities:

  • The Handi Baroque Choc: integration of disabled secondary school pupils from EREA schools
  • ULIS pupils: a course with the Saint-Denis Festival
  • Cafés Joyeux: Support and musical creation with team members

What are the objectives?

  • Offer cultural access
  • Offer an inclusive approach
  • Offer artistic practice for all
  • Develop expression, concentration and memory
  • Use music to develop creativity
  • Building confidence
  • Encouraging social diversity
  • Sharing and exchanging with others
  • Changing perceptions


Integration of high school students with disabilities attending EREA schools

Following on from the work it has been doing for the last 8 years with young people from vocational high schools, the Concert de la Loge wants to develop the project in the direction of inclusion.

After integrating classes of allophone pupils enrolled in the UPE2A (educational unit for newcomer allophone pupils), the ensemble now wants to open up to pupils enrolled in regional establishments for adapted education (EREA).

These establishments cater for pupils with serious educational or social difficulties, or those with disabilities.

Hip Baroque Choc 2024 will include a group of volunteer students with cognitive or mental disabilities. These are mainly students with autism or Down’s syndrome who are following a course in the hotel and catering industry.

These students will benefit from a number of specially adapted workshops led by artists trained in this type of specific intervention. This work will culminate in their participation in the Hip Baroque Choc show to be presented in May 2024, in which they will each perform a dance or percussion piece. The aim of the work carried out will be to ensure that their participation is on an equal footing with that of the other pupils from participating vocational high schools.

EREA: regional adapted educational establishments

These schools cater for pupils with serious academic or social difficulties, or those with disabilities.

2024_03_27 [ATELIER DANSE]_589
Target group: 10 volunteer high school students with cognitive disorders
Content: 30 hours of artistic workshops led by a percussionist and a dancer
Results: participation in the Hip Baroque Choc show on 15 May 2024
Objectives: inclusion, concentration, memorisation


Journey with the Saint-Denis Festival

As part of its residency at the Saint-Denis Festival, supported by the DRAC Ile-de-France, the Concert de la Loge will be offering an educational project for pupils enrolled in ULIS (local units for school inclusion).

ULIS pupils have cognitive, motor, hearing or visual impairments, or multiple associated disorders (multiple disabilities or disabling illnesses).

Musicians from the Concert de la Loge will be offering a 3-month course to two classes of ULIS pupils. They will have the opportunity to meet musicians and take part in instrumental and physical percussion and dance workshops.

All these actions will be carried out with the aim of being inclusive, and of getting this disadvantaged audience to listen to baroque music and take part in artistic practice workshops.

They will be able to meet musicians, play active listening games with percussion instruments and attend the dress rehearsal of Handel’s oratorio The Resurrection, which will be presented in a version staged for the Basilica of Saint-Denis.

This work will be developed in conjunction with the Saint-Denis Festival teams and several specialist teachers.

ULIS : Localized unit for school inclusion

These establishments enable pupils with disabilities to attend ordinary schools. ULISs are under the responsibility of the head of the school.

23_04_14 [HIP BAROQUE CHOC] 670
Target audience: 2 classes of ULIS pupils from Saint-Denis
Content: 40 hours of artistic workshops led by a percussionist and a dancer
Results: participation in the general performance of Handel’s Resurrection on 12 June 2024
Aims: concentration, memorisation, artistic practice, cultural awareness


Accompanying and creating music with employees

Le Concert de la Loge is joining forces with Cafés Joyeux to offer workshops and musical encounters linked to catering, culminating in a filmed presentation.

Based on the observation that people diagnosed with mental disorders are two to three times more likely to be unemployed than the rest of the population, Cafés Joyeux is proposing to provide a solidarity-based response by employing and training people with autism or Down’s syndrome.

The Concert de la Loge will offer a series of meetings and workshops for two groups of team members in training, specially adapted to their needs.

This group will also take part in percussion workshops using kitchen equipment and utensils, as well as voice workshops to overcome speech difficulties through singing.

This group of team members will therefore be involved in a creative process with musicians that will culminate in a collective and participative creation designed to produce a film clip.

Café Joyeux

Café Joyeux is a fast-food company that employs people with disabilities, mainly with Down’s syndrome or autism.

Target group: 2 groups of team members in training with mental health problems
Content: 80 hours of artistic workshops led by a percussionist and a singer
Output: shooting of a video clip in the kitchens
Objectives: concentration, memorisation, artistic practice, development of self-expression