Le Concert de la Loge
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Le Marathon du Concerto

Le Marathon du Concerto

A festive day of music and sport!

 Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Theater & Port-Royal des Champs Museum
July 6, 2024 de 9h30 – 22h

Le Concert de la Loge has joined forces with the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Theater, and the National Museum of Port-Royal-des-Champs to organize a festive day of hiking, strolling, concerts and sport!

It begins with a 10kms musical walk, punctuated by 5 musical pauses: Handel’s watermusic in front of a lake, the gentle sound of mandolin in the shade of a palm oasis, flutes and hunting horns in the forest… After a gourmet picnic, the public is invited to take a Bach break in the courtyard and gardens of the Musée Port-Royal des Champs.
The day will then resume with musicians donning their sports shirts and sneakers to defend a gold-medal repertoire in a Concerto Marathon!

10 kms of music with 5 musical breaks

Gourmet picnic
The Bach break
Percussion workshop
Marathon du Concerto
Dinner with the artists

Deauville, Festival Promenade en Pays d’Auge
July 13, 2024 de 11h – 17h

Between the hours spent practicing his or her instrument, the late-night concerts with the constant pressure to hit the wrong note, and the days lost in transport recovering from jet lag, the life of a professional musician is not unlike that of a top-level athlete! It’s not for nothing that the word concerto comes from the Latin word concertare, meaning to fight or struggle.

At ease in their sneakers, bringing together a family audience around a repertoire of gold medallists – Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi… – the musicians, equipped with period instruments, stage the concerto in 21st-century style: a festive competition, a rousing battle. They are the champions! Performance, stamina, dazzle – Olympic form is a musical virtue.


In the junior category, the Concert de la Loge sets out on the trail of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons before the evening marathon. Strings and bows tightly strung, rhythm and flexibility exercises, there’s even talk of taking the percussion out of the checkroom and opening a workshop!

11h : Participatory percussion workshop
Bring your children for a percussion workshop based on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

16h : Marathon for Juniors
Concert with soloists from the Concert de la Loge, including a performance by the children who took part in the morning percussion workshop.