Le Concert de la Loge
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Ecological and Social commitment

One of the founding values of Le Concert de la Loge since its creation by Julien Chauvin is commitment.

A multiple commitment, in the service of a collective musical project built upon respect, responsibility on a human level, and which today is also environmental and social.

The health and economic crisis we are going through is obliging us to rethink our models, our habits and our practices, in order to continue and develop our musical activities on a more sustainable basis.

It is not a question of giving up on international concerts, but of reducing their ecological impact by, for example, making each trip more profitable through a prolonged presence following the concert.

To mark this desire for change, Julien Chauvin was one of the first signatories of the tribune «For an ecological and social world» and Le Concert de la Loge has implemented more ecological measures for all its concerts and tours. The ensemble has also recently joined the Arviva association.

cadence rompue

Cadence Brochue Tribune

For an ecological and social musical world.

To be found and signed on : www.cadencerompue.net


Transports : train for all national and European trips for journeys of less than 7 hours. Setting up carpooling between musicians when the car is essential or to avoid renting large buses.
Catering : with only local and/or organic farming products. Cups, cutlery, plates that are washable and reusable or, failing that, made from recyclable materials. Carafe for water.
Accommodation : Homestays when possible and with special requests addressed to hotel establishments (no change of towels, no daily cleaning of rooms, etc.).
Waste sorting : During production.
Productions : sending scores by email, digital roadmaps only, printing on recycled paper.
Tours : seeking to make the most of time on site with proposals for meetings, master classes and concerts in small groups alongside productions with the entire orchestra.